Melvin Family Dentistry

Dental Club Card

Our Dental Club is a novel way to help you and your family get the dental care you need at affordable prices, without having to buy dental insurance or a managed care plan. We can do this because instead of having a sizeable portion of your premium going to an insurer or a managed care company, 100% of your club membership goes directly to your care!

Here are your member benefits:

• 2 free cleanings (D1110) *
• 2 free periodic exams (D0120)
• 1 set of 4 bitewings (D0140) **
• Free fluoride for individuals under 18 years of age
• 15% discount on all other work
• No frequency limitations or downgrading as with traditional insurance

– Individual Memberships are for one dental patient – $240/yr. ($20/mo + $1/mo processing fee)
– Couple Memberships – $420/yr. ($35/mo + $1/mo processing fee)
– Family memberships (Couple + up to 4 kids) – $720/yr (60/mo =$1/mo processing fee)

* Patients diagnosed with Periodontal Disease are not eligible for prophylactic or preventive care and will be treatment planned for definitive therapy to treat periodontitis. The cost of the regular cleanings will be credited towards the cost of the periodontal treatment. The difference in cost will be the patient’s responsibility.
** If it is determined that a full set of xrays is needed rather than bitewings the cost of the bitewings will be credited towards the cost of a full set of xrays. The difference in cost will be the patient’s responsibility.

Dental Club membership is open to all patients of Melvin Family Dentistry and the availability of this membership should in no way be considered a solicitation for participation with this plan. Patients electing to join the Dental Club do so on their own accord. We do not encourage, promote or solicit this plan to patients who are already clients of any managed care dental plan or beneficiaries of any PPO and indemnity insurers.

Dental Club Application